10 Months

Getting into trouble already!

Our little climber. Don’t worry – baby gates installed at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Enjoying some chips and queso on this Mexican night.

My sweet boy turned 10 months on the 21st.  Here is a little update on what he’s been up to lately.

  • You have your bottom two teeth, as evidenced by the chew marks all over the inside of your crib.
  • You will not sit still for a diaper change.  It either takes two adults, or most of the time I just do it while you’re standing up playing.  I’ve tried the one leg over you on the floor trick, but you’re a squirmy guy, and then it just looks like I’m wrestling with a baby – and losing.
  • You wave hi/bye and raise your hands above your head to say “so big!”
  • You love to climb the stairs to get to the playroom.
  • You love to eat toilet paper.
  • You love baths but probably don’t get enough of them.
  • You’re starting to dance to music.
  • Because I never posted a 9 month update:  At your 9 month well check you were 29 1/4 inches tall (81st %), 19 lbs 8.5 oz (52nd %), and 18 inch head circumference (69th %).
  • You still nurse, but we’re slowly weaning.  I don’t pump.  You take formula.  Those baby food pouches are the best.  I wish I had given them to Ellis when she was little, but I thought back then that I was a bad mom if I didn’t make her baby food.  I think Asher gets a more well-rounded diet with all the varieties of food he tries.  My only issue is that a lot of them are composed primarily of apple or pear or another sweet fruit with only a small amount of another ingredient added.  I probably should still be serving you home made baby food, but those pouches are just so convenient!  You’re not a big fan of finger foods yet.  Ellis loved shredded cheese, but you don’t care for it.  You’ll eat crackers and sometimes bread.  Every once in a while you’ll eat deli turkey, but you prefer a liquid diet.  I would try to serve you what we eat, but we don’t eat healthy.  You would be getting far too much sodium!
  • You’re not on a schedule, shame on me.  You wake up anywhere between 5 and 6.  I nurse you and try to get you to go back to sleep.  It’s 50/50.  Sometimes you stay up, play for a bit, and then are fussy after 45 min, so then I put you back to bed.  Other times, you’ll give in and sleep until about 7:30.  Usually though, you’re up until about 7:00/7:30, and then Ellis wakes up as soon as you go down.  So I literally have no quiet time in my day.  You take a nap in the morning depending on when you woke up, usually 1.5 to 2 hours after.  Your naps are about 1.5 hours long.  You take an afternoon nap the same way.  Usually you are up as soon as I get Ellis down for her nap, and then you might take a third cat nap after she wakes up.  Seriously, you guys need to get on the same page!  Your bedtime is 7pm.  Sometimes we keep you up later if we’re out, but at 7, you want to be in your bed, so we try not to mess with that.
  • You are generally a happy baby as long as you’re fed, well-rested, and not teething.
  • You love Ellis and her toys, but she doesn’t like you playing with her things when she’s using them. She has shown you some “sisterly love” in the form of pushing, shoving, grabbing toys from you, etc.  Yesterday I witnessed her stopping herself from hitting you when you knocked over her tower. She’s working on controlling her emotions and being patient (and tolerant) of you.  She doesn’t like sharing me with you very much.  If you start crying, she’ll run to me and ask that I hold her.  You two are obsessed with me, but at least you’ll let other people hold you.  Ellis would cry if anyone held her (except Papa Bob, she was cool with him).

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