I’m Pregnant!

Oh, yes.  You read that right.  I’m pregnant.  Again.  We were just as shocked as you.  Sure, we know how babies are made.  We went 12 years successfully preventing or making pregnancy happen.  We were happy and done at two.  I sold all of our baby stuff.  I sold my maternity clothes.  I looked toward the future as a happy family of four and all that was in store for us.  And then came a huge surprise!  I couldn’t tell you exactly when it happened because I’m not really sure, but happened it did.

Asher was successfully supplementing breast milk with formula, so around 10.5 I decided to wean him before I went on a weekend girls’ cruise.  I didn’t want to mess with pumping or uncomfortably full boobs on the trip.  After the cruise (and maybe before) I noticed that my clothes were getting more snug.  I assumed it was because of holiday, as well as cruise, gluttony and the fact that I stopped nursing but didn’t stop consuming massive amounts of calories.  And I was not working out regularly.  So I cut back on my diet and started making the gym part of my routine and the weirdest thing happened:  I continued to gain weight.  And a substantial amount.  I was back in my postpartum clothes and not fitting into my regular pants.  My stomach was bloated, and I was gaining an average of a pound or two a week.  Crazy!

So I thought I would just take a pregnancy test to rule it out, and to my shock, the test was very, very positive.  It wasn’t one of those faint, maybe I see two lines.  Two lines were very clearly present.  I couldn’t believe it.  And so I chose to be in denial for a couple of weeks.  I didn’t call the doctor immediately.  Trav’s parents were visiting for Asher’s birthday, so I wanted to wait until they had gone back home.  But eventually I made the phone call and had my pregnancy confirmed.  Because of a past miscarriage, they wanted to check my hCG levels to make sure they were doubling at a normal rate.  When the nurse called me with the results, she told me that my numbers didn’t double, but that they were higher than would be expected at this stage in the pregnancy, so they were going to have me come in that week for an ultrasound.  We were guessing I was probably 4 weeks at that point, (because I had what I now know was spotting in early February), but my ultrasound showed that I was measuring at 8 weeks.

So my due date is October 15th.  And though this all started out as a shocker, we are more than ecstatic to grow our family by one more blessing.



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