18 Weeks with #3

18 Week Bump

So, I’m just using the same questionnaire I used for Ellis.  Sorry, Asher, that I didn’t do this with you.  Middle-child problems. 

Due Date:  October 15th

How far along? 18 Weeks

Baby is the size of: a bell pepper. (I’m assuming this is the same)

Total weight gain/loss: Up 20 lbs.  You must go read my 18 week update with Ellis, so we can both hate first-pregnancy Bethany together.

Belly Bump:  I think my belly is currently the size it was when I was 30 weeks with Ellis.  Again, hating on old/young Bethany right now.  Belly button popped out a while ago, but no Linea Nigra yet.

Gender:  It’s a… nother boy!

Sleep: Thanks to two beautiful children, I usually pass out soon after they are in bed.  I want to stay up later and get things done, but if I stop moving, I don’t start again.  Because I put Ellis to bed, I’m sitting there reading and singing to her and usually snuggling with her, and then there’s just no hope for me to get a blast of energy again.  I’m done.

Best moment this week:  So many good things this week.  Ellis finished PK3 and had her end of year program.  Our church had Parents’ Night Out where we got a few hours of free babysitting, and yesterday I finally cashed in my Ponte Vedra Spa gift card and spent the day at the spa.

Movement: Little kicks and flutters.

Symptoms: Is laziness a symptom?  No, probably not.  I have more aches and pains and get winded on the stairs more easily when I don’t work out, so I try to get to the gym at least a couple days a week.  Oh, and gas.  So much gas.

Cravings:  Food in general.  I still want all the carbs and sugar, but I am trying to redirect myself and choose salads and healthier options, but it’s a struggle.

Aversions:  None.

What I miss: Wine.  I miss wine.  And my pre-baby body.  The one where I didn’t pee my pants every time I sneezed.

What I am looking forward to:  Setting sail on a cruise next weekend for my girlfriend’s wedding!

Next appointment: June 16th I have two appointments scheduled – ROC and my regular OB.

Names:  Travase has conceded to my choice.  I did persuade him by giving him the middle name – one that he’s been wanting to use since before we knew Ellis’s gender.  Also, he got to name Asher, so it was my turn.





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