18 Weeks with #3

18 Week Bump

So, I’m just using the same questionnaire I used for Ellis.  Sorry, Asher, that I didn’t do this with you.  Middle-child problems. 

Due Date:  October 15th

How far along? 18 Weeks

Baby is the size of: a bell pepper. (I’m assuming this is the same)

Total weight gain/loss: Up 20 lbs.  You must go read my 18 week update with Ellis, so we can both hate first-pregnancy Bethany together.

Belly Bump:  I think my belly is currently the size it was when I was 30 weeks with Ellis.  Again, hating on old/young Bethany right now.  Belly button popped out a while ago, but no Linea Nigra yet.

Gender:  It’s a… nother boy!

Sleep: Thanks to two beautiful children, I usually pass out soon after they are in bed.  I want to stay up later and get things done, but if I stop moving, I don’t start again.  Because I put Ellis to bed, I’m sitting there reading and singing to her and usually snuggling with her, and then there’s just no hope for me to get a blast of energy again.  I’m done.

Best moment this week:  So many good things this week.  Ellis finished PK3 and had her end of year program.  Our church had Parents’ Night Out where we got a few hours of free babysitting, and yesterday I finally cashed in my Ponte Vedra Spa gift card and spent the day at the spa.

Movement: Little kicks and flutters.

Symptoms: Is laziness a symptom?  No, probably not.  I have more aches and pains and get winded on the stairs more easily when I don’t work out, so I try to get to the gym at least a couple days a week.  Oh, and gas.  So much gas.

Cravings:  Food in general.  I still want all the carbs and sugar, but I am trying to redirect myself and choose salads and healthier options, but it’s a struggle.

Aversions:  None.

What I miss: Wine.  I miss wine.  And my pre-baby body.  The one where I didn’t pee my pants every time I sneezed.

What I am looking forward to:  Setting sail on a cruise next weekend for my girlfriend’s wedding!

Next appointment: June 16th I have two appointments scheduled – ROC and my regular OB.

Names:  Travase has conceded to my choice.  I did persuade him by giving him the middle name – one that he’s been wanting to use since before we knew Ellis’s gender.  Also, he got to name Asher, so it was my turn.





How To Celebrate Last Week in 2nd Trimester

Take a vacation, of course!

27 Weeks

Belly shot – The only time I don’t have to worry about how I look in a bathing suit!

27 Weeks

Side bump! 27 Weeks











I made a short, cheesy slide show of the hotel view from our balcony:

Travase had to go to Miami for a CLE for a couple of days, and I was lucky enough to tag along.  We stayed at the Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel in beautiful Miami Beach, FL.  It was the perfect little getaway (although I did have to finish an assignment and attend class my first evening), but the remainder of my trip I didn’t do any grad work or check my FSU email.  Thursday was spent mainly lounging on the beach, being waited on by the best staff, stuffing my face and not worrying what I looked like in a bathing suit (the one nice thing about being pregnant!).

The second day was overcast, so I spent it mainly in the room reading (still with a great view of the ocean).  Trav was finished with his seminars by 1, and it turned out we were going to stay an extra night so that we could take one of his clients to a Miami Heat game that evening.  We went to a little hole-in-the-wall cafe, Latin Cafe, for lunch and enjoyed some quality Cuban food, then, of all things to do, went to the downtown shopping center so that he could pick up some casual clothes for the evening (men don’t over-pack like women do).  We had gone into a Marshall’s and that’s when I saw baby clothes!  They were selling name brand items like Carter’s and Ralph Lauren, but for cheap, so I figured that was as good a time as ever to start picking things up for Baby Girl.  There was also a kiosk next to our parking garage that was selling hair bows, head bands, and little tutus, so I figured that was a sign I needed to pick up something girly for her as well.  I ended up just getting a headband, but it gave me an idea that I should find someone to make a custom cutey outfit for her for newborn pics.  This is all to say that my first purchases for Baby Girl was at a Marshall’s in Miami.

Miami Heat

LeBron James!

I had never been to a NBA game before, and I found the whole thing to be much classier than football.  We had loge seats which separated us a bit from the crowds of fans, but it was still a lot of fun, and once again, it was nice to be waited on.  This trip was beginning to spoil me!

When we got back home Saturday evening, there were packages in our front room that our contractor must have brought in for us.  My mother had already torn into our registry and bought us a million things!  The first of which I opened were these cute little booties/mittens set that just made me Squee! with excitement.  It is very apparent she is excited to be a grandma considering the amount of items she purchased.  We Skyped on Sunday, and she showed me even MORE items she had purchased that are covering her dining room table

right now.  It’s a good thing we’re finally getting rid of our guest room furniture, or there would be no place for all of this baby stuff.  Right now it’s in plastic bins to keep it safe from all the dust and debris from the remodel.

Speaking of, the tile is finally being installed, and it’s beautiful!  We purchased a new stove/microwave yesterday.  Those will be delivered next weekend, so hopefully there is light at the end of this tunnel.  We’re ready to have our house back!

On Thursday, I will officially begin my third trimester.  I have one more month of grad classes, two more months of work, and then it will be all about successfully bringing a baby into this world.  I’m so looking forward to a summer of baby lovin’ and visits from family.  My life is going to change dramatically, but I couldn’t ask for anything better!

26 weeks

More gifts for Baby Girl!

Our Aunt Linda sent us a package yesterday, so we hopped on Skype so that she and Trav’s parents could watch us open it while they sun away in lovely Arizona.  (I’m in NE Florida.  There is no sunning happening up here.  It’s still cold.)  Baby’s quilt is adorable, bright, and colorful with lots of fun animal friends for Baby to look at and talk to.  It’s going to go so well in her room, and now that we have it, I’m antsy about getting her room cleaned out so we can finally start putting her nursery together.  I’m thinking we might hang this on the wall the first few months before she’s actually sleeping in there.  I can see it on her little toddler bed, and picture here walking around curled up in it on cold mornings.  It’s perfect.  We’ll probably have to get a little bed for Dolly now, too, so that she can play Mommy when she’s old enough.  Right now, it’s the perfect tool for helping Alex get used to the idea that there is going to be a baby around.  As you can see from the picture, he’s going to be an awesome big brother!

Baby's Quilt

Baby’s Quilt

Baby's Dolly and Dolly's Quilt

Baby’s first dolly and a special, matching quilt for her dolly

Alex is practicing his big brother duties.

Alex is practicing his big brother duties.

How far along? 26 Weeks

Baby is the size of:  14 inches (length of an English hothouse cucumber? – That’s very specific.)

Total weight gain: I’m up 20 lbs total (+3 lbs since Monday’s appt.), but it’s been a bad couple of weeks.    No time to workout, keep forgetting to take my prenatals/Citrucel, and we’ve been eating out a lot more (like every night) since our kitchen is out of commission.

Maternity clothes? For the most part, yes.  I can no longer button my regular button-downs.  My super-loose gym tanks are no longer loose.  Went to Old Navy and bought some dresses in S instead of XS.  Also bought a bikini for our trip to Miami.  Bottoms are a S, but the top is a M!  I’m very fortunate that my butt hasn’t expanded, yet.

Stretch marks? None yet.  Lathering on the MamaMio.

Sleep: I now have to get up about 3 times a night to potty.  We also bought a cool-air filter-less humidifier for our room, but I don’t feel like it does any good other than be loud.

Best moment of the week: Got to see our little girl again on Monday and hear her heartbeat. She is 1 pound 11 ounces!  I apparently have a low placenta, but that’s the extent of their comment on that matter, so I’m assuming it’s not a big deal right now.  I did do some reading up, however, on the subject, and this is what I found:  http://www.babycenter.com/0_placenta-previa_830.bc?page=1

Worst moment:  Failed my one hour glucose test with a 168.  Not even close.  The average range is below 130.  I’ve also been suffering from a cold all week, and it’s making me miserable.

Miss anything? Feeling good and stress-free.  (Hopefully, Miami trip will help, followed by a break from work!)

Movement: Have you seen the video?  She’s a little alien.

Food cravings: Can’t taste my food with this cold.

Anything making you queasy or sick: The glucose drink on Monday made me ill.

Gender prediction: It’s a girl, still.  We got to see her little vajayjay again on Monday.

Labor signs: None.

Symptoms: I’m inept in about every way possible.  My brain does not function as sharply as it once did, and I am super clumsy and messy.  Yesterday, I just about fell over tripping on my legs while doing a simple side shuffle in combat.  Sometimes, I also ge

t horrible foot cramps when I’m in the middle of working out.  I think yesterday was because I was dehydrated from both my cold and that I didn’t have any time during work to stop and drink, let alone time to eat my lunch.

Belly button in or out? Still in, but it’s looking ready to pop.

Wedding rings on or off? On

New sink and counter tops installed

New sink and counter tops installed

Happy or moody most of the time? Moody these days.  Can you blame me?  I think I’m past the “easy” part of pregnancy and heading back into the “feeling miserable” stage.

Looking forward to: Our trip to Miami next week.  Also, kitchen and bathroom remodel being finished.  (They are installing countertops today!)

Next appointment: March 18th I have my 3-hour glucose screening.  We see our OB again on April 8th.

24 Weeks

24 Weeks How far along? 24 Weeks – Six Months!

Baby is the size of: a grapefruit/an ear of corn depending on whom you ask.  She’s about 11.8 inches long and 1.3 lbs.

Total weight gain/loss: + 15.5 pounds

Maternity clothes?  Yep.

Stretch marks?  None yet.  Purchased some MamaMio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil, Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter, and OMega Super-rich Body Cream.  Smells and feels amazeballs.


Belly Bump:  Steadily growing.

24 Weeks

Sleep: No difficulty falling to sleep.  Doing my best to sleep on my left, but that just happens to be the least comfortable position.

Best moment this week:  The end of it.  This was a crazy busy week, so it’s nice to finally have a break.

kitchen remodel

Work in progress

Miss anything? Not my old kitchen or bathroom.  They are currently being remodeled.  We may not have a working kitchen, be down a bathroom, our dining room is full of the contents of our kitchen cabinets, and there is sheet rock dust on everything, but I have no complaints.  Someone else is doing all the work, and I’m getting a beautiful home out of it!

Gender prediction:  It’s a girl.

Names:  It’s a surprise.

Symptoms: I’m a freaking mess lately.  Literally.  Normally, Travase is the klutz in this household, but lately I’ve taken over the role.  Napkin in lap is useless, because my belly catches everything.  Physically, I feel great. Except for my feet.  It’s hard to stand/walk for long periods of time unless I’m wearing tennis shoes or house slippers. Mentally, I’m a stress ball and exhausted, but it might have little to do with the pregnancy.  There’s a lot going on right now.

Cravings:  None.  Although this week I’ve been wanting a second cup of my Half Caff coffee.

Aversions:  None.

Movement: She’s most active when I’m sitting and if something is pushing into my stomach or side.

What I am looking forward to:  Kitchen and bathroom remodeling started on Tuesday, Feb. 26th.  It’s coming along.  A bit of an issue with the painter, but I think we’re done with him.  Now we wait on the countertops.  Also looking forward to “Spring Break” from grad school.  A week without classes?  Yes, please.

Next appointment: March 11th.  Glucose screening.

22 Weeks

22 Weeks

How far along? 22 Weeks

Baby is the size of: the length of a papaya, about 1 lb.

Total weight gain/loss: 13 pounds (up two lbs from last update)

Maternity clothes?  I have one pair of work pants that I can still button below my belly. I tried to take my maternity work pants to get altered, but the place I’ve gone to in the past is no

longer there.  H&M has a small section of maternity clothes, as does Target, so I’ve gotten just a few basic things there.

Stretch marks?  None yet.

Belly Bump:  I’ve gotten two completely opposite comments this week regarding my size.  One was from a child who said I looked like I’d gotten skinnier since announcing my pregnancy, the other was from a woman at the gym who said I looked big for 5 months.  I’m learning to ignore people’s comments and just be as healthy as I can be.  I’m consistently gaining 1-2 lbs a week, and my doctor has no concerns (other than she told me I can’t kickbox anymore, WHAT?), so I’m not gonna stress.

22 Weeks

Tell me I can’t kickbox? I’ll cut you!

Sleep: Weird dreams are starting.  I had a nightmare earlier this week that involved both Dance Moms and The Bachelor.  Last night I dreamt that my belly button popped prematurely and my doc said I’d need emergency surgery to push it back in.  I can’t tell you the other things I dreamt because it’d be TMI.

Best moment this week:  Good checkup on Monday.  Got to hear Little One’s heartbeat, but we were both disappointed because it was our first appointment where we didn’t have a sonogram.  Gave a great presentation on Wednesday.  Trav cooked dinner for us on Valentine’s Day.  We went to a late movie on Friday that didn’t start until 8.  Usually we call it a night after dinner because we’re too tired to see a movie.  We had a date night at III Forks on Saturday.

Miss anything? Wine, flat belly, one day where I don’t have work or grad work.  I’d like an afternoon free to do whatever I want.

Gender prediction:  It’s a girl.

Names:  It’s a secret.

Symptoms: The usual.  It’s getting more uncomfortable to bend over or put shoes on.  Smooshing my belly makes my stomach hurt, and I start to feel ill.

Cravings:  cereal.  I usually have at least two bowls a day.

Aversions:  I’m not the biggest fan of the smell or taste of fish.  My craving for sweets is subsiding.  We went to Melting Pot last night for dessert, and while Bananas Foster has always been my favorite, I thought it was too sweet and didn’t enjoy it half as much as I usually do.  I also have two slices of Publix cake in the fridge for over a week that I’ve had no desire to touch, same thing with the ice cream in the freezer.

Movement: She likes to kick all over the place.  Usually she hits in threes.  She’ll give three really strong whacks and then chill out.  Travase finally felt her for the first time about a week ago.  I was little sad because as soon as she kicked he immediately drew his hand away like it was on fire.  He was excited but he also looked a little freaked by the experience.  He hasn’t felt her since then.  He’s tried, but she stops by the time his hand’s in place.

What I am looking forward to:  Two birthing center tours coming up:  Baptist South and Baptist downtown.  We’re also finally meeting Don and Cheri’s baby boy next Saturday, and I’m sure Cheri will have a lot of advice to share with us.

Next appointment: March 11th.

21 Weeks

21 Weeks

20 Weeks

Time to celebrate!  I am officially halfway through this pregnancy, and I feel like the real fun and excitement is only just now starting.  This thing is becoming more real every day, but I’m still anxious about raising a person once this whole pregnancy thing is over.  It’s time I start reading books and enroll in parenting classes before Little One gets here!

2-0 bump!

2-0 bump!

How far along? 20 Weeks – We’re halfway done cookin’!

Baby is the size of: the length of a banana

Total weight gain/loss: 11 pounds (up one pound from last week)

Maternity clothes?  I can’t button my regular pants comfortably, and they feel tight in the thighs, so I am now wearing either dresses on warm days, or maternity pants to work.  On weekends, I wear leggings, or I also bought a cute pair maternity skinny jeans.  I’m trying to find long, tight shirts to show off my bump.  I never wore them pre-pregnancy because I would be self-conscious about my stomach, but now that there is a baby bump to hide any bloating or over-eating, I want to rock it!

Stretch marks?  None yet.  I bought some Palmer’s Cocoa Butter and am trying to get into the habit of using it daily.  I hate the smell, but until I have time to go looking for an alternative, it’s what I’ve got.  I’m also trying to eat more healthfully and kick the sweets cravings so that I don’t blow up too fast.

20 Weeks

30, Pregnant, and a Librarian. Pulling it off!

Belly Bump:  As the saying goes – I’ve popped!  There is a definite bump now and no way of hiding it at the gym, or anywhere, any more.  So many people have commented on my belly and/or asked if I was expecting.

Sleep: I don’t think this is going to be a problem for me.  I’m so exhausted at the end of every day that I’m out like a light within minutes of head hitting the pillow.  Little one, puppy, husband, nothing is getting in the way of my beauty rest!  (Except 2am/4am trips to the restroom.)

Best moment this week:  We’ve made it to the halfway point!  And I can finally feel little one!

Miss anything? Friday night and Super Bowl Sunday I sure did miss having the ability to drink.  It’s so strange to be pregnant and bellied up to a bar.

Gender prediction:  Screw it.  It’s been no fun keeping the secret, and we’ve told about half the people who’ve asked already!  At first, I was just going to share with close family and friends who were out of town and then have a gender reveal party, but I have zero time to plan a party, and our house needs major work before having a ton of people over.  Then, strangers and acquaintances would ask, and I’d tell them, because who would they tell?  Then I thought, it’s weird to tell strangers and not my good friends.  I don’t like the disappointment on their faces when I tell them it’s a secret, and I want to be able to say “She,” not “it.”

Names:  We have decided!  But this one we ARE keeping to ourselves until Baby Erickson arrives!

Rocking the leggings!

Rocking the leggings!

Symptoms: There were a few days this week when I was starting to feel 1st trimester symptoms again:  fatigue, slight nausea, and insatiable hunger.  But the last couple of days, I’ve felt great for the most part.  I always feel better when I have time to work out.  I’m getting better about holding my bladder and not having to run out during every class.  But it’s still hard for me to go all out two classes in a row.  One of my favorite instructors come up to me Wednesday night and asked if I was okay because I hadn’t been my normal self in her classes for a while and had even left her class early one night.  She was somehow the one person (love her!) that wasn’t aware of the bump.  I explained, “No, I’m okay.  I’m just pregnant.”  I’ve decided though, that I need to try to be my badass self again, engage them abs, and start killing it again.  Of course, there are things like sciatica and round ligament pain, as well as a small bladder, loss of balance, and dizziness that have been obstacles, but my body and mind feel so much better once I’ve finished a great workout!

Cravings:  My sweets cravings are still there, but I’m better at resisting.  This week, my favorite meals have been Panera’s Chicken and Avocado Cobb salad and Salmon Club Croissant, as well as homemade pb&j’s and potato chips.

Aversions:  None.

Movement: YES!  FINALLY! I felt little one for the first time on the afternoon of Friday, February 1st.  It had been a busy morning at the gym and then a few hours at the library working on schoolwork.  I finally left around 1:30 and went to The Loop for lunch.  I think she was so excited that I was finally feeding her that she gave me a nice little “It’s about time, Mom!”  After lunch, I went to the nail salon, and sitting in the chair getting a manicure and being so still made her wake up and stretch.  When I got to the pedi/massage chair, I think she fell asleep while the chair was on because when I turned It off, she started up again.  After that, I’ve been feeling her consistently off and on!  Last night in bed, I watched my stomach for each spasm and could see little spots on my belly move!  I tried to get the camera to record it, but as soon as I moved, she stopped.  I think she might be a little camera-shy because I laid still for a long time after that and anytime I would turn the camera on, she would stop moving.  Stinker!

What I am looking forward to:  Finding the perfect crib bedding so I can get going on the nursery!  Also, we need to get some home remodeling projects done, pronto!

Next appointment: February 11th.

19 Weeks, Visit to St. Augustine, and a Wardrobe Rant

19 Weeks

19 Weeks

Mom was tired of seeing belly bump pics taken inside my closet.   I decided our trip to St. Augustine to visit some friends would be the perfect opportunity for photos outside of my closet.  Trav was a pretty good camera man, but I need to work on my poses.

I had a hard time yesterday morning finding a cute, cool for spring outfit to wear around St. Augustine.  I ended up in what you see above, and sweated my butt off whenever I was in direct sunlight.

One of the most frustrating things about this pregnancy so far is that my size keeps fluctuating like crazy.  Some days my stomach is giant and other days it’s just a pooch.  Florida’s weather makes it even more difficult to plan.  I had just finished buying a ton of over-sized sweaters when we started getting 70 and 80 degree weather again – in January.  None of my spring clothes fit, and I’m tired of wearing over-sized, baggy button-downs.  I want to be able to show off my shape without looking like a goober in clothes meant for a doll.  Really.  I was trying on some of my pre-pregnancy clothes, and all I could think to myself was How in the world did I ever fit into this?  It’s not just the circumference, but the length, surprisingly, that shrinks.

We went to the Motherhood store at the St. Augustine outlets on our return home, and that turned out to be yet another bad experience.  The sales lady followed me around the store the entire time, pressuring me to try on this and that – nothing that was my style, and Trav got frustrated with me because I wasn’t liking anything I saw:  “I just don’t get it.  You don’t want a button-down, but you don’t want a t-shirt.  What do you want, then?”  I think I need to start leaving him at home on these shopping trips.  My new shape and his frustration just multiplies the stress of finding clothes.

Side rant:  Why is it that when you’re pregnant, you can no longer have style, and you’re stuck with Wal-Mart-inspired clothes?  That’s pretty much the extent of what I saw at that shop.  I did end up purchasing a Henley shirt in three different colors, but that really doesn’t fix my need for warm-weather clothes.

Our St. Augustine trip

A couple of friends ran a 5K in St. Augustine Saturday morning, and we were invited to join them for lunch.  We enjoyed patio seating at A1A Ale Works and then walked around the shops for the afternoon.

Street Musician

Local street entertainment.  That dog was super mellow.

Pregnant women will understand.

Pregnant women will understand.

I know it’s crass, but this subject has been a major issue in my life for the past five months.  I can really appreciate this shirt now, so I had to take a photo and share.

Bethany and Travase - CD #4 109

Then… October 21, 2006

Six years later...

Now… January 26, 2013

We ended our day visiting the gardens of the Oldest House – the site of our wedding vows six years ago.  So many things have changed since then… including the roof on that house in the background.

18 Weeks

18 Weeks

(This is me avoiding a mountain of homework!)

How far along? 18 Weeks

Baby is the size of: a bell pepper

Total weight gain/loss: No gain!  =)

Belly Bump:  I’m actually smaller than the last couple weeks, thanks to my new daily dose of Citrucel.  My waist is too big to button many of my regular pairs of pants, but still too small to really need maternity pants.  That is why I feel leggings should be entirely acceptable work attire.  Alas, they are banned.  =(

Sleep: No trouble sleeping.  Just need more hours in the night.

Best moment this week:  Anatomy scan.  10 fingers, 10 toes.  All is good.

Movement: None.

Symptoms: Mainly I’m hormonal.  The stress from my busy schedule probably exacerbates it.  Needless to say, my husband’s a saint.  While flipping through baby books at B&N, Trav opened straight to a cartoon of an angry dragon shooting fire out of its nose in the shape of the word “Emotional” while a knight cowers in the corner.  I presume I’m the dragon and Trav is the knight.

Cravings:  Cereal, sweets, fruit.

Aversions:  None.

What I miss: This week, I miss wine again.

What I am looking forward to:  Having a full-on bump and feeling the baby move.

Milestones:  This was a big week.

  • We found out our baby’s gender on the 14th.  It was an exciting morning as we told a handful of family members and close friends.
  • Trav and I agreed on a name, which we are keeping secret until the little muffin is out in the world.
  • Trav wanted to be a supportive husband and take me maternity clothes shopping.  What.  An eye-opener.  The world of parents, babies, and kids is not a world we are used to, and we pretty much hated every moment of it.  (BabyGap’s maternity clothes were disappointing.  Their dresses looked like giant pillowcases.  Their “skinny” jeans fit like sweat pants, while their regular pants looked like ones the Golden Girls would wear.  At Motherhood/Pea in the Pod, an unsupervised kid (said with absolutely no endearment) pulled back my fitting room curtain – twice!  I would have been calmer about this except that my fitting room opens straight out into the center of store.  And the saleslady was crazy enough to put a pair of $200 7 for all Mankind maternity jeans in my fitting room.  I don’t spend that on regular jeans, let alone jeans I’m only going to wear a handful of times.)  We both needed a drink afterward.  He got one.  I got ice cream.

Next appointment: February 11th.

Names:  We have decided!  We went to lunch and exchanged lists.  We narrowed them down to a couple choices but couldn’t figure it out any further.  (I don’t recommend P.F. Chang’s if you’re hormonal and aggravate easily.  That place always stresses me out on a normal day.)  It wasn’t until we were walking in to Barnes and Noble that it came together.  We took one name from Trav’s list and one from mine, and we just knew we had a winner.

What’s coming up:  Time to start planning the nursery, starting a registry, signing up for birthing and parenting classes, touring the Baptist birthing center.  Nope.  I’m exhausted just typing this.  Who wants to take this on for me?

16 Weeks

16 Weeks

How far along? 16 Weeks – That’s 4 months, people!

Baby is the size of: an avocado

Total weight gain/loss: +1.5lbs from last week.  Yikes!  I blame the holidays.

Belly Bump:  I’m very aware of my stomach now.  It feels tight and bloated, if that makes any sense. My abs (upper and lower) are completely pushed out now.  I can no longer be in denial that I have a bump.  Enter my theme song:

Sleep: Just allergies and tiny bladder waking me up.  Last night I sneezed and pulled a stomach muscle.  Ouch!

Best moment this week: Ringing in the New Year and having one last week of R&R before it’s back to work!

Movement: None.  =(

Symptoms: Allergies (not sure if pregnancy related). Shortness of breath (could be due to allergies). Overall feeling great thanks to two weeks of R&R.

Strange Behavior: I’m regressing to my old high school days.  I’ve been listening to my old girly country cds from the 90s: Sherrie Austin, Alecia Elliott, Lila McCann, Shania Twain, Jessica Andrews, etc., and singing a lot.  (I guess I’m warming up my vocal chords so they’re ready to sing lullabies when the baby gets here.)  I also bought old, classic Bath and Body Works scents:  Pearberry, Plumeria, and Sun Ripened Raspberry.  I even bought a face wash I used to use back then:  Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cream Cleanser – just because I like its smell.

Baby Brain:  I went to the mall to buy new bras in a size up from what I normally wear.  A week later I realized I bought my normal size, so last weekend I had to go back and buy even more new bras.  Ah, coverage at last!

Cravings: Nothing in particular.  I keep going back and forth between craving junk/fast food and craving healthy food.

Aversions:  The nausea is pretty much gone.  I can eat whatever, but I’m still not a fan of candles and strong scents.  I even changed the perfumes that I wear.  Now my favorites are D&G’s Light Blue and Escada’s Rockin Rio.

What I miss: Being able to sleep through the night or go through an entire exercise class without having to use the restroom.  I’ve always had a small bladder, but this is ridiculous.

What I am looking forward to: finding out if we’re having a boy or girl.  My intuition (and two online “ancient Chinese gender predictors”) say it’s a boy, but I will be ecstatic either way.

Milestones:  Facebook announcement – it’s no secret anymore!

Next appointment: January 14th – We find out the sex!

Names:  We have some in mind.  For girls I like Maeve, Ellis, and Roan (Rowan) and for boys I like Jonah, Joshua, and Liam.  We’re still shopping around though.  Trav likes the name Cooper.  We’ve also been having fun with online name generators like www.babynamegenie.com/baby-name-generator and http://www.nymbler.com

Best text this week from a friend after I told her she was going to be an aunt:   “To be honest I pretty much knew after you turned down a margarita at Campeche Bay!”

15 Weeks



Picture taken at 15 weeks 3 days. Really no bump yet. Just a chocolate milkshake, chicken nuggets, and fries from McDonalds.

How far along? 15 Weeks

Baby is the size of: an apple

Total weight gain/loss: +5 lbs (I have now stuck my scale beneath Trav’s dresser and am only going to weigh myself once a week because I am driving myself nuts looking at the numbers climb.)

Sleep: My bladder prevents me from sleeping soundly through the night

Best moment this week: Christmas!

Movement: none  *Update 12/30 – Felt a flutter in my belly this morning as I was laying in bed.  I got excited and then thought that it was too early to feel anything.  But later I read that women can start feeling movement by week 15, so I’m sure that’s what it was!

Symptoms: This week I’m mostly feeling back to normal, or at least less pregnant than I did in my 1st trimester.  My energy is back, and I’m going to the gym regularly.  I’m also starting to eat smaller portions and feeling full faster, but I get hungry if I go too long between meals.  Also, I’m back to eating only one breakfast a day instead of two!

Food cravings: This week it’s been Crisper’s chef salad and broccoli cheese soup.  Still love my Fruit Loops, too.

Food aversions:  After Christmas cookies and casseroles, I just want to start eating healthier.

What I miss: wine, pre-pregnancy weight

What I am looking forward to: finding out the gender

Milestones:  I was able to make it through two back-to-back aerobic classes for the first time Friday morning.  Felt like myself again (although a bit weaker and more out of breath).

Next appointment: January 14th – We find out if we’re having a little boy or girl!