8 Months

8 Months Old

(Written October 20th)  Tomorrow you turn 8 months old.  You could say I’m on top of this update, but I’ll be real with you.  I can’t find my phone, and the tv is broken.  Seriously, my iPhone 6 plus is the size of a brick, and I can’t find it anywhere in this house.  And your daddy is at HHGregg as we speak replacing the TV we bought a mere 3 months ago.  So I’m eating potato chips, drinking wine, and bored with Facebook and YouTube.  I could go upstairs and watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians (I started watching that this week after being fed up with the election-heavy news coverage), but your sister is still awake, and also I have to finish this bottle, I mean glass of wine.

Asher, everybody loves you.  You have the best smile, the best giggle.  To the world, you are the happiest baby, and really you are.  You have whiny days, but don’t we all?  You just recently learned to sit yourself up on your own, and so when you wake up from sleeping you often sit up and don’t know what you should do after (here’s a hint:  lay down and go back to sleep).  You are fully crawling now and move at an alarming speed when there’s something you want or places you want to go.  With all of this mobility comes new experiences and new environments.  You were once confined to the middle of the living room, and now you find your way to the patio door, Mommy and Daddy’s bathroom, your sister’s toys that she is huddling under her legs to keep from you…

We’ve lowered the mattress in your crib, and it looks like this weekend we are going to be installing some baby gates to the stairs.  More baby-proofing is necessary.  I’m in the process of moving all of Ellis’s tiny toys (choking hazards) to her bedroom.  And we’re back to needing to vacuum every day to try and avoid you putting random dirt and hair in your mouth.

You are wearing 6-12 mo/9-12 mo/9 mo clothes (why are kids’ sizing so difficult?!?) and size 3 diapers.  You enjoy eating puffs and love the banana, spinach, blueberry puree I made for you.  I need to start working on some new purees.  I tried offering you cut up watermelon and on another occasion cut up banana, but you’re still not excited about finger food.




7 Months


Second child problems… Mommy doesn’t keep up with your monthly updates and completely skips your 1/2 birthday!  To summarize, you learned how to roll from belly to back a week before you turned 6 months.  At your 6 month check up you were measured in the 94 percentile for height (28 inches), 40th percentile for weight (17 lbs), and 81st percentile for head circumference (17 1/2 inches).  Your pediatrician was slightly concerned because you were slightly less weight than your appointment the week before (for a hoarse voice).  I wasn’t concerned because I knew you hadn’t eaten for a few hours, and you and Ellis are just not chunky babies.

We had yet another pediatrician appointment a couple weeks ago and a follow up this past Friday (persistent cough diagnosed as an ear infection).  At the follow up appointment, you weighed in at 18 lbs.  For some perspective, your sister was 19 lbs at her 12 month check up.  No more ear infection for you, but you still have a lingering cough and potentially have reflux.  You’ve been taking a prescription for it, but I haven’t seen any improvement with you spitting up.

You are so close to crawling.  You can make your way across the floor, but it’s more of a scooch and flop than a crawl.  You also sit up well, but don’t lift yourself to sitting yet.  Working on your pincer grasp with Puffs.  We’ve fed you sweet potatoes (first food), carrots, peas, and beets.  You really like beets but you look like you’ve taken a blood bath after eating them.  You are still a super happy, easy-going baby.  You are only fussy if you’re hungry or tired, and those are easy fixes.  Also, you sleep through the night for the most part.  I feed you around 10:30, and then you are usually good until 6.  I love our quiet mornings together.  I have a cup of coffee and pump around 5:30.  Then I feed you and change you.  We hang out for a while, and then you’re usually back in bed by 7/7:30, the time your dad and sister get up.






5 Months

IMG_3782I thought for this post I would do kind of a Day In the Life post.  Our activities from day to day vary greatly, but we roughly follow the same routine each day.

We’ll start at 6am when you wake up.  You quietly hang out in your bed making little grunting, moaning, cooing, and raspberry sounds.  I only wake up because you have me programmed to.  I wait about 15-20 min before coming to get you.  This morning, you started to get fussy, so I fed you and put you back to bed.  Most mornings, however, you aren’t interested in eating and just want to get your day started, so I’ll bring you downstairs, change your diaper, and let you play while I make coffee.


You rotate between your activity mat, which is basically you playing with a hanging object for five seconds before rolling onto your belly and grunting/drooling for 5, maybe 10, minutes before you start to get upset.  Then we move you to the bouncer if you’re up for it, and you keep yourself thoroughly entertained.  The chair is used mostly if I am playing with your sister and trying to include you in whatever we’re doing.  You work on grabbing and mouthing objects before throwing them aside.

Your sister wakes up between 6:45 and 7:30.  You take a cat nap around 7:30 and 8am, and I use that time to get myself and Ellis ready for the day.

Ellis has ISR lessons every morning, so we have to be out the door early every day.  Her lesson is only 10 minutes, so we usually have something planned to do afterward.  On Monday we did story time and Chick-Fil-A.  Tuesday we drove to Nocatee on an errand.  Ellis spotted a playground, so we had to stop and play, before jumping back in the car and heading to Brooks for a practice (that was a looong morning), Wednesday we went to the dollar movies to see Curious George (you had a poop explosion, and I had to change you right there in the theater.  So fun.), Thursday we went to Target, and Friday we had to take Alex to the vet.  I’m exhausted just thinking about all of that.  You usually take a nap somewhere in the middle of all of that.


Dinosaur story time

Once home, it’s lunch time if we’ve not eaten yet (definitely lunch time for you!), and then/or nap time.  Depending on the day and time, you might go down before or after Ellis’ nap.  You are now napping in your crib consistently because you are too big and roll-y for the couch or bed.  I’ve even had to roll up blankets on either side of you in the crib to keep you from rolling over and getting stuck on your tummy – too many sleepless nights getting up and turning you back to your back!

Problem with nap time in your crib is that you consistently wake up at least every 30 minutes, and I have to nurse you back to sleep (I know, bad habit, but only thing that works).  In those instances, you wake up really unhappy, so I have to be quick to calm you so you don’t wake up your sister.  Your best feeds are in the middle of the night, and during your long nap.  I can’t figure out how to switch that around so that you’ll eat well during your wake time and stay asleep during your sleep time.

So, your midday nap is usually from 1-3:30, waking every 30 min.  Around 3:30 or 4, you and your sister are both up, so it’s play time again.  We hardly ever leave the house at this point, unless I want need to go to the gym.  Then, I drop you off at Kidzone, and your daddy picks you up.  You take another cat nap around 5:30 and are in bed for the night around 7:30 or 8pm.





Number Hunt

This was another activity we did last fall as we were working with numbers.  Ellis could count 1-15, but those numbers didn’t have a value to her, and the only numbers she could consistently identify were 8 and 1.  And when she counted, she might count something more than once, or point to one unit and say, “5, 6, 7.”  Very typical at her age, but I wanted her to become familiar with the written numerals and at least understand that each number represents a different amount.

The numbers with the dots we already had from another day, where we used dot stampers to show how many of each number there are.  I took those number cards and laid them out across the living room floor, then I hid numbers from your puzzles around the living and dining rooms.  The game was for you so find the hidden numbers and then match them with the correct number card.  Of course we would identify and talk about what number you had as well while playing.  The numbers 6 & 9 were confusing because they are the exact same shape in both puzzles I used.

Another activity I tried several times with you was numbering 9 Solo cups and giving you pom balls, to put the coinciding amount in each cup.  Ellis liked playing with the cups and poms.  She would count with me and repeat the name of the number, but she didn’t like counting the poms into the cups.  She wanted to do her own thing and put ALL the poms in one cup, dump them out, pour them into another cup, etc.  Anything BUT counting them.  I might try this activity again with her now that she’s a little older.

Learning Letters

I started this post last November, and now here we are in July!  I’m finally lifting my head out of the sand after 4 months of adjusting to life with a preschooler and a new baby.  Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was so exhausted and run down, that I was just in permanent survival mode.  It didn’t help that Ellis or I were always sick (Hand Foot Mouth Disease, anyone?).  So my parenting to Ellis fell back on relying a little too much on Disney Jr., half-hearted play, and a babysitter for entertainment.  Ellis has been out of school for about a month now, and I’m really trying to make our time together count.  We do a lot of activities out of the house, but I wanted our time at home to be fun and memorable, too.  I started up Tot School with her again when I saw that she was counting (correctly) everything and identifying letters she knew everywhere.  For example, she would see the sign for Barnes & Noble, and she would say, “Look, Mommy, there’s an E for me!  Two E’s!”  Or she’ll count and recount her goldfish after each one she’s eaten.  She can do simple math, too, like if I say she can have five of something, and I’ve given her three, she’ll say she needs two more.

That all said, here are some activities I did with her last fall to help her with her letters.  I’ve been trying to teach her the name and phoneme (just one) of each letter, but I’m realizing that may be too much right now, so I’m stressing identification now.  I pair letters with things that are meaningful to Ellis to help them stick, so of course we started with E for Ellis, then M for Mama, D for Dada, and so on.


IMG_4186 - Copy

Tactile learning. A tub of beans with letters D, E, and M “hiding” within. I took letters from around the house, puzzles, and games. After she found them, we sorted the letters.



More bean fun. This time I just took all the letters out of the mat and put them in the tub. She would grab a letter and find its place on the mat.

IMG_4189 - Copy


IMG_4190 - Copy

Focusing on the letters D, E, and M, I had Ellis identify each picture. I made the beginning sound, and we figured out which letter the picture went with. We had a little fun with glue, too!


IMG_4191 - Copy

A few of Ellis’ favorite D things. D is for Dada… and dog, and duck, and donut.


IMG_4193 - Copy

Be ready to expect a mess when you play with beans. Maybe don’t do this activity with a mobile baby on the loose.



4 Months

IMG_3098I’m hoping now that Ellis is out of school for the summer, we can create a more consistent routine at home.  We mostly have a routine, there just isn’t any conscious effort to follow it.  It’s organic, I say with much sarcasm.


Height: 26.5 inches (94th percentile)

You’re wearing 6 month clothes and in between size 2 and 3 diapers.  To put that into perspective, Ellis was in size 4 diapers when she was potty trained at 2.5.

Weight: 15 lb. 7 oz (49th percentile)

You have your momma’s figure – tiny arms and big bottom.  You don’t push up with your arms yet, and I blame your lack of upper body strength on my genetics.  You have pretty squeezable thighs though.

Head: 17″ circumference (89th percentile)

I couldn’t get your onesie back over your head at your doctor’s appointment.  Doh.


Technically at 4 months we can start introducing you to solids.  I held off until Ellis was about 5.5 months, and I will probably do the same with you.  Nursing is going well, but you don’t mind taking a bottle either.  I still have to be careful about the amount of dairy I consume.


You can grab objects with your hands, but you also pull your socks off your hands and your paci out of your mouth.  (The socks were initially on your hands to prevent you from scratching your sweet face, but then I also put them on you at nap time so you would stop pulling your paci out of your mouth.)  All floor time is tummy time these days.  You can roll from your back to your belly, and you do just about every time I put you on the floor.  The problem is you haven’t figured out how to return to your back even though the first day you were rolling over it was from your belly to your back.  I can’t leave you on your play mat now because I did that once to take a shower, and not too long into it I heard you screaming.  You were stuck on your belly and couldn’t roll over.  You’ve rolled over in your bed a couple of times, too, usually when you’re wide awake, so I check on you often at night to make sure you’re asleep on your back.  You don’t have the strength to roll over on a soft surface like the couch or our bed, so that’s where I lay you down for your naps.  (I hear all the old ladies right now saying, “It won’t be long!”)

You love to chat and be face-to-face.  You giggle when I pretend to eat your neck.

You like to play in your jungle bouncer, a favorite of Ellis’s, too.  You’re not quite tall enough for the lowest setting, so we stick a pillow under you and you sit and play in it.  You also hang out in the Bumbo and the Fisher-Price chair, and play with toys or listen to a story with your sister.


Playing cars with your sister.


With the exception of growth spurts or developmental leaps, you only wake once to feed at night, usually around 2:30.  Then around 6 or 6:30, you’ll eat again and either hang out in your crib or sleep for another 30 minutes to an hour.  You still nap after every 1-1.5 hours of wake time.  With Ellis, I made an elaborate deal out of putting her down for a nap.  With you, I lay you in a soft, cozy, somewhat quiet spot (usually our bed in the morning while I’m getting ready and on the couch in the afternoon during Ellis’s nap), give you a paci, tuck a blanket over you, and let you do your thing.  If we’re out, you might sleep in your car seat in the car or in the Tula (baby carrier).  You take cat naps in the morning, but I think if we weren’t running around, or if you had a consistently quiet place, you’d sleep longer.

Yesterday, you had woken up and then fell back asleep.  I saw Ellis go upstairs, and I asked her what she was doing.  She said she was going to put her flashlight in her room.  I said, “Okay, but be quiet because your brother is still sleeping.”  “Okay, Mommy!”  Five minutes later I went to check on her, and she was in our bed playing with you.  I kind of love it when she gives you attention, so it was hard to be upset about it, and you didn’t seem bothered at all.

Our lives still revolve around your sister’s naps, so I aim to have us home by 1 pm.  I put her in her room and get you set up on the couch.  Some days you have trouble dozing off or staying asleep, and I get nothing done.  Other days, I can make all the noise in the world, and you sleep right through.  You and your sister usually wake from your naps at the same time, whether it be 3:30 or 4:45.  You might take one more cat nap before bedtime, which is around 8 pm.

You don’t use a swaddle, and you outgrew the Magic Merlin sleep suit (not so magical but kept you warm and cozy) in less than a month of having it.  So at night, you sleep in footie pajamas, socks on your hands (to prevent scratching and keep your hands warm), and your grandma’s blanket.

Nap time

Afternoon nap.













3 Months

Asher 3 monthsAsher, you amazing little baby, you!

You are just like all those babies everybody brags about.  You are literally why people like babies.  You are cute and sweet and easy to please.  And also just a reminder of what pure innocence looks like.  Not a lot has changed in a month, but we’ll talk about you anyway…

You are doing a great job keeping your head up, but you can still be pretty wobbly, so head support is still necessary.  In one week, you went from failing to killing it at tummy time.  I will admit, I didn’t make you do a ton of tummy time early on.  It was enough to get you to lay on your back; I wasn’t going to push it.

You still only bat toys mainly with your left hand.  I’m thinking it’s just that the left side of your brain needs to catch up with the right.

You are one of those mythical babies that can be put down “drowsy but not asleep.”  Heck, I can put you down wide awake, and you’ll put yourself to sleep.  I love you.

You are starting to wriggle from side to side and can turn yourself in a circle on your play mat.

Thank you for taking a paci.

Here’s a video of a baby being a typical baby with bonus footage of Ellis on her last day of her 2-year-old preschool class.

2 Months


Reading back on Ellis’s 2 month update, I was really attuned to her development.  Sadly, I have less to say about Asher this go around.  He smiles.  He “talks.”  He is a huge flirt.  He is a pretty easy-going baby.  He sleeps a lot but for short stretches, unless we are out running around, and then he’ll usually sleep the whole time we’re out.  We put him to bed the same time of night as Ellis, and he’ll usually sleep until somewhere around 1am.  It usuaIMG_1763lly takes me an hour to get him fed, burped, changed, fed again, burped again, and back down.  Then, if I am lucky, he’ll sleep a 2-4 hour stretch, but then after that, around 4am, he wakes every hour.  Not sure what to do about that.  He’s usually gassy, but I’m so tired at that point that I don’t spend the requisite time bouncing, patting his back, and squishing his knee to his elbow to help relieve some of the discomfort.  So he’ll sleep and grunt and fuss and wake up in a continuous cycle until about 6:30, when he fully wakes.  Then I’ll feed him, entertain him, and try to get him to nap a little longer while I take care of feeding Ellis and get us going for the day.  He doesn’t have a regular routine because our days vary based on Ellis’s schedule.  He’s usually ready to sleep after 1-1.5 hours of wake time, and then he sleeps roughly 45 minutes depending.  Thankfully, he takes a pacifier (Ellis didn’t), and I can put him down “drowsy but awake” and he puts himself to sleep.  I used to think that was bs, but he prefers you just lay him down and leave him alone when he’s tired.

Asher’s in Size 2 diapers and 3-6 mos clothes.  He’s the same size Ellis was at 4 months.  His lower half seems to be growing faster than his top half because his head looks tiny on his body, though his head is in the 88th percentile or something like that.  He has long fingers and toes and because he still keeps them clenched most of the time, he keeps a lot of lint in there that I have to force his hands and toes open to clean out.  He hates really any physical exertion:  tummy time, pushing up on his legs, being awake too long.  He’s my kid through and through.



Loves his big sister!


His play mat is one of his favorite places to nap.


Asher’s First Easter

Our Easter Sunday played out like most of our Sundays with the exception that we tried a little harder on our church clothes, and Ellis had handfuls of candy and cheese bunnies before breakfast was ever served.  We had an Easter basket waiting at her table and Easter eggs hidden around the first floor.  The weather has been crummy all weekend, so we didn’t go to Saturday’s Easter festivities, and decided to hide her eggs inside.  (Here’s a tip:  tape the eggs before hiding them so your little one can’t open them immediately.)  Ellis had to open each one she found and sample the insides before she would put them in her basket.

She ate a smidgen of her breakfast before going back to playing.  I gave her a bath (it’s okay to bathe your kids only once a week, right?) using her Easter eggs, some kitchen items, and colored bath drops.  We went to the 11:00 service, which was packed, but there were only three other children in Ellis’s Sunday school class.  Asher did fairly well at the service, but I did have to take him out once.  Our church has a beautiful campus, so it’s pleasant to walk him around or find a bench to hang out.  There are a couple of rocking recliners in the women’s restroom, but who wants to hang out in a restroom listening to people using the bathroom?

As soon as we got in the car, Ellis asked what was for lunch.  We hadn’t planned to do anything special, and I didn’t want to go anywhere that would be crowded.  By this point in our day, it’s dangerously close to Ellis’s nap time, and Asher has already been out for so long, that we have about an hour before everyone melts down.  Additionally, it’s been a struggle dealing with Ellis acting up ever since Asher was born.  Sometimes I look at her and think, where did my sweet girl go? I am trying really hard to give her the attention she needs and make her feel loved and important, but it’s hard.  We ended up at the Loop, and the restaurant was filled with other parents with young kids, so we felt right at home.

After lunch, we went home and napped, then it was back to our usual routine of entertaining and keeping the kids happy until bedtime.

Asher’s One Month Update

10639379_871540274656_327798901379960777_nToday (or round about) is Asher’s 1 month birthday.  Ellis and I celebrated today by singing “Happy Birthday” to everybody in the house and baking Easter bunny cookies.  Life with a newborn is going fairly easy.  (Ha ha.  That was before spring break hit!)  He has to be my son because he loves to sleep and eat.  That’s all he does.  If he’s awake and his eyes are open it’s only because he is hungry or he has gas, and when that’s the case, grunting and fussiness are also present.  He outgrew his newborn clothes by his second week and was 9 lbs 11 oz and 22 in at his 2 week check up.  He wears size 0-3/3 months clothes and size 1 diapers.

He sleeps in either his rocker or bouncy chair during naps and at night, and he sleeps well in his car seat (as long as we’re moving) or the Baby Bjorn.  However, I feel like I’m suffocating him inside the Bjorn, and at the zoo the other week his arm turned purple because somehow he was losing circulation in it.  Scared me to death!

He has sensitive skin like me, and it’s taking some trial and error to figure out how best not to irritate his skin.  He wears sensitive diapers, and we use Water Wipes.  His skin is still red where his diaper is, but he doesn’t have a rash or breakouts anymore.

I am also trying a low/no-dairy diet because he seems unusually fussy after eating, more than I experienced with Ellis.

We have not been hermits.  Asher’s been out of the house just about every day of his life.  He’s been on a play date, to the mall, church, Pump It Up, the zoo, the grocery store and Target on multiple occasions, his sister’s preschool and swim school, to name a few.  Ellis was on lock down the first months of her life (pre-shots), but this time around I would go nuts staying cooped up in the house with two kids all day!

Ellis is on spring break this week, so it has been nearly impossible to try and get a good photo of Asher and update the blog.  but Day 4 is (hopefully) a charm!  Things are definitely more difficult when I have two little ones who need me simultaneously, and I obviously have no time for myself or anything else right now, but they’re beautiful, wonderful kids, so I’m not complaining!

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